Our Value Proposition

#ProudHousewife #KamauHousewife

We have got an opportunity for you at hand where you can simply make your own kitchen a restaurant of your own dreams…

Become our Home Cuisiner and we shall make you the most famous chef of the city!

Your signature dishes shall be available to much larger masses instead of your handful guests

....so become a part of the Home Street family and let us do the work for you


Has the pursuit of your goals made having Mom’s food a dream for you?

A mother’s hug and love put up in all the warmth of food at Home Street. Here we bring you the “ Asli Ghar Ka Khana!” from our super skilled Home Cuisiners

So no more longing for Home food ! Home Street brings you the best of the food at your doorstep, be it “ ghar wala nimbu ka achaar” or “desi ghee ka sarson ka saag” Name it and we have it for you….


Ever thought of putting your lovely trinkets at work?

if you are good at painting, then be a famous painter of the city… if you cook marvelous dishes, then be a famous chef of the city… if you think you are creative enough to make something unique, then let the world know about it…

Be associated with Home Street and give us an opportunity to nurture your skills and rewards would come running behind

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