About Us

We are a team of innovators driven by impetuous passion. We believe in doing things which bring in empowerment of every individual and are conducive to their development in all life aspects,We value individual’s natural skills and always believe in nurturing and using them to make a positive impact in their lives or in society at large by leveraging tools led by innovation and technology

On the whole, we aim at uplifting the society at large and achieving tremendous compounding growth by getting all associated with us at one platform

Our Vision

To empower every homemaker and all those individuals who are behind closed doors and are passionate to unleash their skills and fulfil their earning desire while taking care of their homely responsibilities

Our Mission

To make homemade products reachable to all the consumers and society at large thereby enabling every individual to contribute towards nation’s development​

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Our Core Values


The value of integrity is deeply imbibed in everyone at Home Street & we ensure to work with trust, transparency and honesty at all times

Health & Hygiene

We strongly believe that consuming a healthy and hygienic food is of the utmost priority to keep ourselves fit in order to pursue our dreams

Customer Focus

We believe in empathizing about our customer needs and aim to work keeping their mindset as our roadmap to move ahead

Helping Others Grow

We truly believe that success is all about growing others and we strive to help grow every individual who is associated with us

Taking Small Steps

Having a vision and long term goal is paramount to success and we believe in taking small steps at a time to achieve compounding results

Respect Diversity and Multi - Culture

We believe that diversity and multi-culture are the biggest assets of our society & we take pride in supporting the variant colors our nation has

Innovation & Continuous Learning

Being constant in working towards our vision and striving daily to bring out something better makes us open to continuous learning drive innovation

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