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We are a team of innovators driven by impetuous passion. We believe in doing things which bring in empowerment of every individual and are conducive to their development in all life aspects,We value individual’s natural skills and always believe in nurturing and using them to make a positive impact in their lives or in society at large by leveraging tools led by innovation and technology

On the whole, we aim at uplifting the society at large and achieving tremendous compounding growth by getting all associated with us at one platform

A web based platform to empower all homemakers and individuals

We are an aggregator and homemade products delivery start up founded by optistimts who believe in doing things which make an impact on to the society.  

Our primary focus is to connect people to homemade products including food world wide by using technology and empower individuals who have in-born skills and follow passion to earn their living with or without any pre-requisites  

You'll find lots of great resources to help you grow your business.

What is in it for you?

Be on board as a Home Cuisiner and become our business partner

If you have passion and genuine love for cooking and have ever thought about starting your culinary business, here lies the Opportunity!
We help you start a home-based restaurant cum kitchen and make money doing what you love by selling fresh home made meals to your neighbors and people around you, right from the comfort of your home with minimum risk and start up capital.
You also get the opportunity to sell other special items such as Pickles, Cakes, Sweets, Cookies etc. having your authentic blend of taste not only to your neighbors and people around you but to everyone in the world.

What is in it for our business partners

Be our business partner and become Home Smith…

If you have a hobby and in-born talent, why not use it to earn an extra living!


We at Home Street encourage people and individuals who are behind closed doors to unleash their talent and bring out their entrepreneurial spirit by enabling them to
showcase their home made modern & traditional art, craft, health and other products to consumers


You will get the opportunity to sell your talent to the whole world by leveraging our network and making your products accessible to everyone

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